Clothing/School Supply Bank

Clothing/School Supply Bank

Clothing Bank Order Form   –   School Supply Bank Order Form

The purpose of the clothing bank is to supply an important basic need and make the kids feel good about having decent clothing that fits and keeps them warm. Our Caring for Kids mission is to help raise happy, healthy, productive kids who ready to learn and give them hope for the future.

Where: The clothing bank is run by all volunteers and is located at the Caring for Kids Center.

Ordering the Clothing:  The clothing bank order forms are available at the schools in Clover Park, Steilacoom and University Place School Districts. The forms are filled out by the parents and staff. The forms are faxed to Caring for Kids or/and in Clover Park sent by courier to Communities in Schools. The orders are then filled by volunteers and delivered to each school. A full order will include 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, a coat and shoes. Most of the clothing is new because of the volume of orders. We save money by super shopping during the off seasons and knowing where to find the best deals. We have a great relationship with the store employees and they are very supportive of our efforts. We fill over 1,000 orders each year.

Clothing Donations: Donations of clean, gently worn clothing can be dropped off at the Clover Park School District main administration building. The collection site is a mock school house just inside the main doors.

Lost and Found: At the end of the school year we collect the lost and found from all of the schools. Volunteers separate and wash the clothing. With the lost and found clothing and the clothing donations collected during the year, we are able to bring 800 sacks of clothing to the Ready to Learn Fair in August.

Donations to Other Agencies

  • Clothing is also distributed through the Food Connection Food Truck and the Methodist Church monthly dinners
  • Baby clothing is packed by sizes and distributed through WIC. (Women, Infants and Children through Franciscan Health)
  • All clothing left over from the Ready to Learn Fair is picked up by the Tillicum Community Center Clothing Bank

2 thoughts on “Clothing/School Supply Bank

  1. Hi my name is Sarah. I was just wondering how i would go about ordering for both of my sons. Do i wait for the school year to start? I have a 5 year old and a 7 year old they are going to Tillicum Elementary.

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