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What’s Happening?

We netted over $54,000 at our Happy Hearts Auction


Along with our everyday work we gave out:

3,694 new books (1,128 to CISL after school programs)

120 air beds for kids sleeping on the floor

119 McDonalds $5 Gift Cards for homeless kids and kids in need.


We purchased $350 worth of new girls’ underwear for the nurses at the Middle and High schools for emergencies.


So far we collected 115 formals plus purses and shoes for the Clover Park High School Event.


At the Springbrook Easter egg hunt with the Lions Club we furnished buckets, egg dye, gift card prizes, color books and crayons and toothbrush kits for everyone.


We gave the same supplies for the Easter egg hunt at Four Heroes for the thirty-five McKinney-Vento students.


We received over 1,000 new summer shoes and slippers. We have processed and they are ready for distribution.

Just received a book grant from the Molina Foundation for 898 books.


Still collecting:

$5 McDonalds Gift Cards

$1 Coloring books

New Socks and Underwear



For more information or 253-279-9777

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